Business messaging for you

June 23, 2021

Businesses tend to engage with customers where they are. Customers tend to reach out to businesses where it is easiest and more comfortable for them. Both want to complete a certain transaction, nurture a relationship, ask for help, or achieve a certain goal, all through communication. This is only going to get more sophisticated and pressing with more messaging channels opening up.

Day after day, we see a new, different, and perhaps more engaging type of messaging medium. Humans are social creatures, and it only makes sense for them to look for new ways to communicate. New mediums rise, some die too. Businesses and users always find new ways to use existing and new mediums for efficient and personal communications. Think Discord public channels for customer support. Think replies on a Reddit thread. Think threaded comments on Facebook posts. Think comments on your new YouTube product video. Think an iMessage through Apple Business Chat and many more.

We, at Rasayel, seek to create an experience that helps businesses fulfill their transactions with their customers in a reliable, scalable, fast, simple, omni, near-native and contextual manner. We want to make business messaging easier for you, as a business owner. You might be wondering what each of the principles I mentioned above mean. Here's a brief explanation:

  • Rasayel is fast. Fast means saved time/money, efficient teams, efficient operations, less frustration, better feedback loop. Not being to communicate fast can mean I'd lose a sale, or an opportunity.
  • Rasayel is simple. We know how tools can be crammed, and eventually end up working against their operator. What's the simplest version of a tool that not only enables businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently but also takes everything that they don't need out of the way? We fight complexity and we aim for simplicity in every possible interaction.
  • Rasayel is reliable. Messaging channels have different APIs, protocols, activation methods, setups, and plenty of smaller idiosyncrasies. If we want to help a business succeed in transacting with their customers, we need to build deep understanding of those channels' mechanics to relay their messages reliably.
  • Rasayel is scalable. Businesses have teams, and those teams need to use a tool that allows them to scale up their communications with ease. It is not enough to have a reliable tool, but also one that scales by utilizing quick, automated recipes, or by generally enabling smaller teams to manage much bigger pieces of work efficiently. Our product does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Rasayel is omnichannel. Businesses often shy away from exposing new channels because of the effort taken to handle communication through those channels. What if we make it rewarding for your business to add new channels and achieve better outreach?
  • Rasayel is near-native. Bringing the best of the messaging channels into one place. Allowing businesses to reach high levels of interaction, with reactions, buttons, reply-to and many other powerful channel native features.
  • Rasayel is contextful. Context is king for businesses. For closing a sale, I'd be a happier salesperson if I know whether the customer has seen my message or not, I'd be able to take a next step, or just stop there. The experience is more personal when the end user sees the agent typing, or when they can react to the agent's reply, exchange interactive media like a GIFs, voice notes, and so on.

Communication lies at the heart of all human interactions, and businesses are all about humans. Companies that succeed more than others today tend to focus more on the human factor, and on building more meaningful connections with their customers. To do this well, they need help from the right tools. We built Rasayel for this exact purpose; to help your business succeed in solving the communication problem, and to deeply connect with your customers.