Our story

About a decade ago, two ordinary fellows had a small dream — that they'd build things people enjoyed using. Fate would have it that these fellows would go about their separate ways, befriend other folks, and try their best to navigate this extraordinary planet. Some years later, one of the fellows decided he'd had enough dreaming, and with the help of some friends built a successful online product called Octopods. The other fellow joined him a little over a year later. Clinging to their bootstraps with childlike enthusiasm, they trekked on, stubmling here, breaking an ankle there, but always getting back up.

Talking to thousands of other humans along the way, the fellows realized that Octopods would forever be limited. It was a plugin, not a standalone product, and we used the product ourselves, so we knew. In that moment, Rasayel was born. Pronounced Rah-sah-yel, it means letters, or messages, in Arabic. Rasayel is a simple, fast inbox that helps teams connect with people through any social messaging channel, such as WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and others. We want you to have the full native channel experience, all in one place.

This is where I'm supposed to tell you that we're going to change the world. We are not. We're here to make life a little easier for a small number of people; people like us:

Tarek does engineering, partnerships, some product, and some enablement. He lives in a small fishing town in Ireland. Tarek and his wife have been thinking of adopting a cat for centuries, but they don't have the guts to do that just yet. Perhaps they're overthinking it.

Mohamed does design, product, and some customer support. He lives in Calgary, Canada, and enjoys poetry (especially ancient Egyptian poetry) a little more than he enjoys the air he breathes. He writes in his free time, and hopes to one day visit space, or at least wear a spacesuit.

Alexandra is in charge of customer success and support. After travelling the world (which is how this writer met her), she now resides in her hometown of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her main passion is music. She does yoga and rides her bicycle in her free time.

Ahmed is focused on engineering, and enjoys creating products that people love. Based in his hometown of Cairo, Egypt, he loves exploring new places, and enjoys swimming and playing tennis. Ahmed is also excellent at being on the other team whenever we play Counter Strike together.

Abdelrahman is focused on frontend engineering, and is passionate about open source. He contributes regularly to popular projects and has a few of his own. In parallel, he is a competitive gamer trying to climb the MMR ladder in Dota 2.

These are the folks who built Rasayel. We built this for the Alexandras out there, for the Ahmeds and Abdelrahmans and Youssefs and Tareks and Mohameds. For the Edwards and Sarahs and Amals and Rosas. For the small little business, from a small little business.

When using Rasayel, you'll likely get to know one of us personally, and that is what we're here for. We want you to join us on this journey, and to help us build a product that you would enjoy using.

With love,

The Rasayel Team ❤️